About Jay

I’m originally from Northern British Columbia in a small town surrounded by some of the most amazing scenery that ever existed.

I Was Living A Life Without Purpose

I had a perfect life, or so I was told. I was well educated, had a good entry level management job, a wife and two kids. There was no reason in my life to be clinically depressed and chronically anxious. I was leading the perfect life. But I was scared. I was scared to lose it all. I wasn’t happy when I had every reason to be – and I didn’t understand why!

My Journey Toward Passion

I couldn’t live with the crippling anxiety and depression I was going through. I was a bullied child, withdrawn and hidden from the world. I’d watch life go by and never really live it. I started my search.

I started by taking workshops in Passion Testing. I learned how to figure out and focus on my passions. I discovered that my greatest passion was helping others through their difficult times. Focusing on this passion, I started my three year journey towards becoming a Counselor.

Today, I hold my Certification in Passion Testing and Transpersonal Psychology.

How I live today

Today my one word for my life would be Authenticity. Learning how to live life as your true self was my biggest lesson and my greatest strength. I use my passions daily in life to guide me whenever I need help or have difficulty. In finding my passions, I found the man I wanted to be. I don’t lead a perfect life any more, I lead a present one!

What kind of life do you lead? Is it a present one? Full of passion?

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