My Relationship May Be Over – Now What Do I Do?

Are you feeling lost, hurt, betrayed, scared and alone due to a relationship. Changes are going through your mind all at once and it seems impossible to make sense of it all.


Can we stop the reoccurring habits that cause us both to hurt each other?


How much is your responsibility and how much is theirs?


What boundaries are healthy boundaries?


How do you know when its time to walk away?


Can you actually repair your relationship?

These are common questions that can be hard to find an answer to on your own.

It may seem that the entire world you’re living in is about to change, and finding the path through the day by day can sometimes seems impossible. Will there ever be an end to the confusion, frustration, doubt, betrayal or hurt that can result from challenge within a relationship? Is there hope for a positive future?  Can love and trust be restored?

“Today, I walk away. It’s not abandonment. I’m not giving up. I’m just realizing that the course you are on is one I’m not supposed to travel with you. It’s not throwing in the towel, it’s finally seeing that I’m not the one to get you through.” – Phil Tytanic

It’s time to find your new path

Every change is preceded by a challenge. This is the time to seek out and decide where you want to go and what you want to do. It’s the time to build the new direction based on who you want to be. Counselling provides you with an additional viewpoint to the difficult transitions you are going through right now. It can help you find those new opportunities that are difficult to imagine at a time when your life feels confusing and painful.  Often we are not taught healthy relationship tools for our life and we do the best we can with what we have. Relationship patterns are passed down from generation to generation, for better and for worse. The best thing to come out of relationship issues are the change to shift, become more aware and healthy so that ALL relationships in your life will benefit.

As a counsellor it is my job help you navigate the turbulent relationship storms in your life. Regardless if you stay together or decide to part, I will be a lighthouse that helps you find clarity in this storm of confusion. To create a place for you to find and realize what in your life you’re passionate about.

You deserve to have a passionate and happy life.

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